ClassMatch Team Game


allows teachers to create a virtual team out of a class of students and then arrange matches for that team by either dividing it into multiple teams that play against each other or by challenging another team in the network.

The fee is $135 per teacher account for the school year, unlimited use. Content from past Math Madness events is provided. To purchase, activate an account and log in, click the "+Team" button, and then select "ClassMatch" on your Events page.

Features & Benefits

With this tool a teacher can create an online team out of his/her students.
This lab is all about TEAM competition and the advantages to be gained when students come together as a single unit, e.g., teamwork, sacrifice, knowledge sharing.
Each student is assigned an account in the system, with or without the submission of personal information. Schedule and Results pages allow students to observe the details of upcoming matches and track their performance statistics across time.
Once students become familiar with their own numbers in a forum they care about, their desire to improve, to score a personal best, soars.
Once your team is created, you can then divide it into mini-teams that play against each other or challenge another team to a match, one of your own or the team of another teacher.
Use the app to give an in-class quiz or challenge your colleague's team from across the city, the country, or around the world!
Matches can be structured so that students can play either individually (default) or collaboratively. When you create an intra-team match, consider having only one student sign on for each mini-team. Then the students on that mini-team can collaborate throughout the match.
Our experience thus far strongly suggests that collaborative matches have the best results associated with them, especially as to peer dynamics.
When your team plays another, the match can be live or non-live when schedules don't match.
Everything about this system has been engineered to make creating and competing in competitions logistically simple.
You can upload your own MC and fill-in-the-blank test item content to fuel each match, including images. It's simple.
This system takes traditional testing and gamifies it so that students are motivated to succeed.
When students compete, they can choose to conceal their identities. Note that data on each are still available to the teacher.
We are very protective of shy and sensitive students, especially those at the lower end of the distribution. Learning to become comfortable with competing is critical, but not at any cost.
Match results including the specific performance of every student on every question can be downloaded at the end of a match.
We hardly need to explain the benefits of data these days!
Assign badges to students for a good performance or extra effort (coming soon).
This app is all about motivating students to learn and to perform at their best, both inside and outside of the classroom. If your students respond to awards, go for it!

Pedagogical Foundation

Studies show that testing has been linked to better recall than other learning methods, e.g., repetitious memorization, etc. Moreover, gamified testing has been linked to better performance than traditional testing. With ClassMatch, you can now put these findings to your own test.